Meet a Student

Elizabeth Thompson

Wildlife Conservation and Biology, 2014

Melissa Bolton

Wildlife Ecology, 2012

Allison Scagel

Wildlife Biology, 2015

Kelsey Wellington

Wildlife Conservation & Biology, 2013

Students in the major gain

Avery Kreina broad foundation in wildlife ecology, management and conservation biology including novel experiences working with professional biologists.

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Lee Kantar fitting GPS collar to immobilized mountain lion in Washington State.

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Deborah D. Rudis working with bald eagles in Southeast Alaska.

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Janice Huebner

Janice Huebner banding common eiders with the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife on Petit Manan Island, ME - 2009

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Kristin Salamack holding a Canadian toad

Kristin Salamack holding a Canadian toad by the Raft River.

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Wildlife Management and Policy class (NR 738) snowshoes through a northern New Hampshire deer wintering area and inspects a coyote-killed deer with a biologist from NH Fish and Game Department.